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About Us

Your brand and success is what matters to us

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Our dedication lies in sourcing the best quality wines from around the world that speak to us through the vineyard, people, region, and what we sense in the bottle.  We strive to provide the best quality within every region we operate, along with the respect to best winery practices.

Our experience in winemaking, grape sourcing, and brand development allows us to create a turn-key private label wine solution for our clients.  Our industry expertise and low minimums make it easy for your business to start its own private label wine program with producers all over the world.

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The DNA of CHEERS lies within the families and the people that create these wines with their daily passion for vineyards, tradition of winemaking, and will share their wines with the world. Our producers have been hand selected by the panel at Cheers based on the merits of how each wine shows a sense of place, “Terroir”.  Sourced from all regions around the world, we are proud of what each one represents.

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Appreciate, empower and respect our employees, our customers and our partners.

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Customers / Partners

Custumers / Partners

Provide and anticipate our customer needs, with respect and sincerity.

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Provide the best tools to ensure the quality and passion behind every label and in every bottle.

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Lead with the entrepreneur heart in mind, lead with what is right. Be proud.

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